2016 Committee

Committee Members in 2016

Executive Committee


President Lauren Turner
Vice President  Russel Holmes
Treasurer Richard Lilly
Secretary  Gerald Gallina


General Committee Members


Greg Yu  
Michael Turner  
Angela O'Connor  
Chris Prosser  
Trevor Blackhurst  

 Gary Keenan


 Jack Holmes

Danny Siwek


Werribee Table Tennis Association is run by dedicated committee members who operate on a voluntary basis from grade supervising to organising fundraisers, devoting their efforts to promoting and advancing the presense of table tennis in the western suburbs. 

The club is always buzzing with activity as the Committee members convene regularly to introduce new measures and seek ways to improve on club operations and member experience. 

Committee Members can be nominated at the Annual General Meeting. However, the Committee is expected to have a maximum of ten members.

The Committee is there to help communicate your views to governing bodies, council, and other institutions! Members are encouraged to discuss any issues or provide feedback about all elements of the club with Committee members.

last update: Mon, 15 Aug 2016