Werribee Table Tennis Association host a wide range of table tennis events, catering to players of all skill levels. We operate on Mondays to Thursday nights, and Saturday mornings. Special events hosted by Werribee Table Tennis Association may run on Friday nights and on Sunday.

Regular season pennants are run in Summer, Winter and Spring. These are a great way to enjoy a competitive outing of table tennis with a great social atmosphere. Pennants are run on Mondays to Thursdays, catering for all skill levels.

The Werribee Table Tennis Association Closed Championships are held each year to members in the middle of the year. Become a member now to be eligible to play in our extremely competitive Closed Championships!

Werribee Table Tennis Association also runs the Graham Haynes Memorial Handicap Tournament, in memory of former player and Life Member Graham Haynes, with entry fees raised going towards charity. The unique format of handicap table tennis can create opportunities for players of all skills!

Inter-club challenges co-organised by Werribee Table Tennis Association are also held. Club pride is at stake as Werribee players are allocated into teams to face players from other Associations in an intense battle for club pride!

last update: Wed, 19 Feb 2014